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Dr.Nil Banu PELİT


Personal Information

Name Surname                                 Nil Banu PELİT

Date Of Birth                                     29.10.1964


Contact Information

Addresss                                            Acıbadem Labmed Clinical Laboratories

 E-Mail                                                 banu.pelit@acibademlabmed.com.tr


Job Experience

1992-2005                                        Çukurova University Balcalı Hospital Apheresis and Blood Center Manager

October 2005-                                  Apheresis &   transfusion centers coordinator and cord blood bank manager

Organization of all apheresis and transfusion centers of the Acıbadem Hospitals under the laws and according to the quality standards of the national and international authorities. Follow up and comparative statistical analysis between blood centers.

Coordination of clinical usage of blood and blood components, which includes the procedures of taking, preparing, screening, testing, and storage.

Taking, producing and storage of umbilical cord and cord blood for stem cell therapies according to the GMP standards.


Education Information

1981 -1987                                        Çukurova University Medical Faculty

1989-1992                                        Çukurova University, Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology